Ballet Recital

I am so excited I have a ballet recital this month. I will leave a link to the dance studio I go to. I am a vendor, I know not that fabulous but the dance is pretty, trust me this one time. This year the studio decided on Aladdin and The Magic Lamp. So, thats where the entire vendor thing comes in. My dance is in scene 1. We have many crazy rehearsal dates that are mandatory. Next week after school on Tuesday I have to go strait to the theater, arrive there 30 minutes before to get my costume on and get my hair/ makeup on, and be onstage rehearsing. Crazy right? On wednesday don’t get me started. 🙂 I love doing this though, my passion. I’ve been doing ballet since I was 3 years old and now I am 12. Even though it gets really hard each year, I don’t want to stop doing ballet. Next year I might do the recital en pointe. The recital is on June 15 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and 6:00 to 9:00 pm. I hope I do great!
I will write a post about how it went so check back later! 🙂

Line to the studio website:

Thank you for listening!! 😉

Letter to Senator Hornback from Kentucky

Dear Senator Hornback,

The crule comments you said over child labor sicken me. The children are becomeing poisened with cemicals that aren’t good for them. It is your job to help out with things like this. I can not bare that you are letting these people take advantage of poor children that need the money to help their parents. You are helping those people kill children with these chemicals. The next generation depends on you and that law.

Audited by Mackenzie

Today MacKenzie from is auditing my blog.

What were your first impressions of this blog?
My first impression if this blog was, “This blog is well written and I love how fun it is to read.”

What captured your attention? What captured my attention was Charlie the unicorn.

What distracted you on the blog?
All your widgets.

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
I don’t think you need to improve anything other than longer posts.

Week: 10 Part B Evaluation and Audit

I have written 12 posts since march.I have written 6 posts for the challenge, 3 were written for school, and 3 written for my interests. 8 comments from other people, 13 with me responding.It was a tie between May Crowning and Student Blogging challenge Week 9 Doing my best. I think that Week 9 was viewed by many people due to this post being in the Student Blogging Challenge magazine. May Crowning was viewed by my classmates and my teacher due to me giving them a link.My favorite post to write was Week 9: Doing my Best because I was talking about what I wanted to be and what I want to accomplish.Yes, I changed my blog theme once because I thought my old theme was not that me. I found the current one and I will probably keep it.I have 15 widgets active. 10 on the side bar of my blog and 5 widgets that help with the appearance.I have 55 people on my blogroll, it includes the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Happy Contest

At my school we are doing a happy contest. It is a short video that has the song “Happy By Pharrel WIlliams” of course, but has to show that you are having fun. It can have anyone from the class or your school. The winner will be anouced at morning assembly. The winners will recieve as following, 1st: 100 dollars, 2nd: 50 dollars, and 3rd: 25 dollars. I am entering and am almost done all Mackenzie and I need is a little bit more footage and some video editing. I hope we win! We will split the prize if we win. I will post the video when it is finished.

Link to Mackenzie’s blog:

My Magical Future Days of Futureness (Student Blogging Challenge Week 9: Doing My Best)

Hello it is Simone again. I have always had trouble deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was very young I wanted to be a princess, I soon realized I could not be one. So I had crazy dreams of what I wanted to be. I now have decieded that I want to be a doctor.

I also know that I want a little dog. I don’t really know what kind of dg I want. I am sure I will know later in my life. What kind of dog would you want?

I am going to go to either UCLA or USC. I dont know which one I want to go to yet. It is really hard to choose because these schools are both great. I have to get into these schools because, like I said I want to be a doctor. These schools have great medical programs. I have my future mostly figured out! 😉



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